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Thanks 4 reading,

I have an HP 48GX that got soda spikked on it and then it was covered up for about 3-4 hours!!! It will turn on and that is ALL!!, it won't even turn off. I nee to know how to open the calculator so that I can clean it!!!

Does anyone know how?, I've tried, but get nowhere (without breaking it).

T. Y.,



there are ten plastic rivets (heat molded) that maintain the top (four) and bottom edges (six) locked together. Also there are six "interlocks" (I have no idea if this is the correct term in English), three for each side of the calculator's "case".

I have one HP48G in my hands right now and it's opened. I can scan both halves and you'll see how they are kept togheter. unfortunately this computer does not have the scanner and I have do digital camera.

Wanna see the pictures? If so, let me know and I'll "scan" the calculator's image and post them here.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


I've posted an article in the article's forum,

Adrian Drury has taken photos, added some of his own pointers, and written a detailed web page:

I've also seen postings advocating drilling out rivets from the front of the calc and replacing with countersunk black machine screws.

Good luck,


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