9114B HP-IL Disk Drive - Battery replacement options?


Hi all.

If I want to get a 9114B battery pack repaired, what would you suggest?

Alternatively, what can I do? Power supply how?

Assume I'm fairly ignorant of these types of things (fairly close to the truth). What would you suggest? :-)



I am told a similar lead-acid block battery is still made, and can be fitted inside the original battery pack. I've never done this though.
3 2.5Ah 'Cyclon' lead-acid cells fit almost perfectly in the HP pack. Connect them in series (to give a 6V battery). That's what I did to both my 9114s.
You can also use a 6V (or so) unregulated mains PS, connected in place of the battery pack. The connector inside the battery pack holder is a standard 2-pin mini-jones plug, so it is possible to get a suitable socket. The polarity is marked on the case mouldings inside the disk drive unit.
If you do this, be aware that the 9144 can take considerable current -- 2A or so. You need a fairly large PSU.



Your help and suggestions have helped me before, and I want to thank you again. I just acquired a 9114A from a guy who is "liquidating" some of his HP stuff. It arrived without a battery pack just yesterday. This thread is so timely, kind of uncanny. Today I got ahold of the Gates "D" SLA batteries (they are a different brand these days, Cyclon) and they fit perfectly, just like you said. Popped them in, charged all day today and checked out the drive tonight. Worked perfectly, thank you very much!

Strange how something like this is so much fun. I couldn't afford it when it was current, but now they are much more affordable. In any case, it is certainly fun to tinker with today. I knew I'd use those 730k diskettes sooner or later. :)


This was an easy fix for me. I used a PowerSonic PS-628 from here:



Hi. Looked over the battery. It's a 6V, so that should work. Any special effort required to get it inside the old battery pack case or connect it?


I bought HP9114a unit and found out that the battery was apparently dead. So, after a little research, I found that in my location "Interstate Batteries" had an equivalent replacement battery for around 25 $Cdn. I received and install the unit (15 minutes) and everything worked fine since then !



It's a drop in replacement. Exactly the same size and terminal arrangement.


mike; i'm lost. there are three batteries being discussed. which one did you find is a "drop in replacement"? thanks - d


Now I found a Germany source for 6V/2,4Ah replacement lead-cells for the IL-Drive : www.batt-mann.de or info@batt-mann.de is a distributor for power modules and batteries for modell cars /ships /airoplanes....

Size of the replacement battery part is identical to the original battery. This battery you also find in the IL-Datalogger and IL-Digital-Multimeter....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug



another source is www.battery-kutter.de ,
where I bought my replacement lead battery.

They're located in Hamburg.

They have the exact Panasonic replacement battery for the IL drive.
Replacing the battery is a task of about five minutes then.
First charging of the thing takes somewhat longer,
about 20 hours, IIRC.

I can look up the order number, if someone's interested.




I forgot to mention that the replacement battery costs about 11 Euro + shipping.



I took mine to Batteries Plus a couple of years ago. They rebuilt it and it doesn't look like it's ever been opened. I'm not certain, but I *think* it cost about $30 or $35.


> Trying to do a directory on the disk in the drive returns a "IL loop broken"
> message.
if the battery is almost dead, then trying to start the motor will cause
the rest of the electronics to experience a significant power drop.

This may explain the "IL loop broken"

Try to send the drive a command that does not require a disk access
(e.g. the ID command that returns the type of the device).

If this works then chances are that the 9114 electronics are OK,
however, it doesn't tell you anything about the diskette drive itself.

To test this you need a fresh battery, as Tony Duell mentioned, an
unregulated power supply will do, but you need to make sure that it
can deliver around 2 Amps. I have succesfully run an 9114 off a
bench power supply so the procedure works. Just make absolutely certain
thatn the polarity is correct (since you are feeding DC to the drive).

If you can open the case, things will be easier for you as there is lots
of space inside the case so the wires and connections are easy to reach.

If you can get a floppy cleaning diskette, you should clean the drive
heads before testing.

Once you determine that the drive works you can get a replacement
battery for the battery pack and you are back in business.

As preagan@houston.rr.com wrote:

> I used a PowerSonic PS-628 from here:
> http://www.batterystation.com/gelcell.htm

I have used the same PowerSonic part for my 9114 and it fits like a glove.

To get inside the battery pack, you just remove the two screws and carefully
lift the top cover after you lift the various latches situated around the top
cover. Apart from the TORX screwdriver, you don't need any other tools to
replace the battery inside the pack.


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