An introduction.


I've been posting here for about a week or so now, and finally discovered that there is actually a place to post your bio. I just did that, so if anyone's interested, it's there.

There was a guy from Wisconsin there, and another guy from an unspecified area of Illinois. We might be in proximity to meet up one day and have a dorky calculator meeting over lunch one day... Drop me a line if you're interested. (Yes, the email address is real. I ride a Suzuki SV650 motorcycle without any bodywork, hence the 'naked' part.)


PS - There are a lot of regular contributors who don't seem to have bios...


Another bike rider here!

Honda and silver. Has all of its fairings, so I'm not naked *blush*



Hello Bikers

BMW R1100 RT

20000 kilometers per year !!!!!! Yeah !!!!!


Wow! 20,000k per year, that's quite a bit!

I put 13,000km on in one year; I decided to prove my friends wrong. They told me that sport bikes are too uncomfortable for long journeys, so I rode from Toronto to Miami in 2 days...

I didn't feel any worse than I would have in a car for that length of time!



20,000 km... let's see that's (click-click-click) 12,428 miles. Not too shabby! The first year I had my SV, I put 15,000 miles on it. (24,139 km.) The next year, only 12,000 miles. (19,311 km.) Last year, only 8,000 miles. (12,874 km.) I got into woodworking last year, so that cut into my riding time.

Scuba: Since you like to ride lots of miles, take my advice and get a Corbin seat. They are very expensive, (Mine was ~$200) but they double your stamina. The BMW probably has a pretty good stock seat, but I've read bad things about the long-term ergonomics of the Honda CBR F4i seats.

Last year, I made road trip from Chicago to Franklin TN. and back on the SV. I took twisty side roads on the way down, (about a 16 hour ride) and interstates back. (8 hours.) I vowed never to do that again on the stock seat. So I think I'm going to do that again soon, possibly even this summer.

One last line of thought... You both wear helmets, right? Good. How about earplugs? Far too many people ride without earplugs, IMO. The windblast will damage your hearing in short order, even through the helmet. If you have ever ridden without a helmet, and later upgraded and realized how much quieter and less dramatic it is, it is the same step with going from no earplugs to earplugs. I use foam ones that you buy in a big box. At the very least, try it for a week. My bet is that you will not want to go back. (like Algebraic to RPN?...)

Frederic: Off the top of my head, I don't know what kind of wind protection your bike has, but I bet it is pretty good. The earplugs might not do as much for you as it does for the Scuba Diver and myself.



Hi Jeremy! Funny you should mention the seat! I was THIS close to buying a corbin at the Motorcycle show this year!

My helmet's a Quantum/e; they are notoriously loud, so I've worn earplugs ever since I've purchased it. I can also say that in Ontario, helmets have been the law since the early '80s, so I have NEVER ridden without one. I know that there are some states where its not mandatory, but I couldn't imagine riding without one.

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