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Repairing a HP 38, I had to replace the flexible connection between the power supply and the main board. The only thing is, that the calc drops apart (even the chips fall out of their position) once you have to take it apart. The processor chips stays in the frame but I had to put the 3 memory(?) chips back in position.I know that the HP logo on the chips should be pointing in the direction of the display and I suppose the 3 chips are equal in their function, but they are numbered "5,6,7", besides of the type or serial number. Now "6" is probabely always in the middle, but what is the right position of "5"and "7"? Who can give me some information? Regards, Jan


Hmmm. Very Bad.

I guess, this won't matter, because in the early HP calculators (even from the HP-35 on) the memory chips are paralleled on the internal serial bus. I don't believe, you could destroy something, if you insert them in the right direction. HP logo to the display should be a much more interesting information.

I'd simply insert them in one way, and if this won't work, exchange the two outermost chips.

Usual disclaimers appear. If you are not sure, what to do, wait for another message.

Maybe somebody could provide a photo of an open 38?

Sorry, Jan, you're not in the game anymore :-) We need the photo of a 38 in it's known original configuration.

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