eBay -- be sure to read the small print


Have a look at the following auction (closed now):


The first time I read it I got really excited -- all those manuals in one grand auction. But having read the entire description, I realized that the auction was for only ONE of these manuals.


I am not making any statements (e.g. fair/unfair) regarding this auction, nor do I want to start another flamefest about eBay, all I want to say is "be careful and read the whole text before bidding."



It would have been better if the seller made it clear right at the beginning of the ad that the auction was for only one of the manuals instead of putting that critical piece of information at the end.

The problem I have with some sellers' ads relates to the omission of cosmetic or functional defects from the seller's ad. The onus is put on the buyer to fish out these defects from the seller. In one of my transactions, I ended up with a calculator with substantial cosmetic flaws even though I asked the seller specifically about this issue before I placed my bid.

Unfortunately, the buyer cannot rely on such subjective words as "great" or "near new" since these terms can be interpreted in a subjective manner.


it's a shame, there are some of those manuals I'd love to get a hold of. but....

he's been doing this for a while, and while it's not exactly 'ebay wrong' or anything, it's a bit silly.

It *is* a good way to nickel and dime someone to death for 6 or 7 series 80 manuals


This is a "Choice" auction, which is against eBay policies.

If it is rerun, and he leaves all the items in, you don't know which was already taken. Besides, ebay rules clearly state that such "choice" auctions will be cancelled.

If this auction is rerun, and it is reported, it will be cancelled.


DOes that make the mint HP-41 CX auctions (from UK source) illegal? (The same photo is being used now as was being used a week back for a closed out auction)?

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