HP67 card reader problems


This is probably a common question, but what can I do to fix my HP67 card reader? It appears to be gummed up with who knows what - not sure if it is lubricant which has flowed or if the rubber wheels have turned to jelly. Cards will not pass through. Is there any hope?


Look further down here and in the forum archives and also check the article on the repairs page of this site.


Your card reader pinch-roller has turned to goo. I have made the repair on a 41 card reader, but never a 67. I have heard there are many more small parts in the 67 so be careful. Randy



Actually, the HP-65/67/97 readers are easier to repair than the HP-41. The reader mechanism is pretty much the same, but I found that they're somewhat easier to disassemble/reassemble.

The small parts (like the small vynil roller and balls) need to be watched in any case. One of the quickest ways to kill a vintage calculator is to try and disassemble it, for instance, in a room with a carpeted floor!


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