HP-12C Solutions Handbook


Does anyone happen to have a copy of the HP-12C Solutions Handbook? If so, please let me know, either here or via e-mail. Thanks!




Um, nothing there. Did you try to send me something?


As you requested I sent it to you


Is there a chance you could e-mail that handbook to me as well? Thanks much.


Hi, folks;

have a look here.

Hope this helps.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Yup. Luiz is correct-- the manual on HP's site is the Solutions Handbook, not the User's Manual. I already had a copy, but had mis-named the file. Oops.

Thanks anyway to mapet for the quick response. Extra karma points for you, mapet! :^)


Thank you.......once again.



This link leads to a PDF document written by Dr. Daniel J. Borgia that contains a lot of usefull procedures for many financial calculators, not onl HP but also Texas and others. It's a very good source of concise and fast, easy to read information that will allow users to compare procedures.

Hope you like it, too.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil



If anyone's interested, email me and I'll sell you a copy for less than Amazon.com's price.

From the description:

"Editorial Reviews Book Description Want to learn business math painlessly? Then this textbook is what you need. Written by the author after teaching business math for over 15 years, this book is written so that someone could sit down, read it, and have it seem as if they had a private tutor sitting there beside them, explaining the topic being covered. It is written using a very conversational style.

This text is presently used in the author's sophomore level Quantitative Analysis for Business class at a local university and covers two broad areas of math application to business problems: the time value of money and an introduction to basic statistics.

The book uses three commonly available business calculators - the HP-10B, the HP-12C, and the TI BAII Plus Advanced Business Analyst. The slight changes needed for the examples to work with the new HP-10BII are also covered. However, the approaches used (and even many of the key presses) would work with any business calculator or programmable calculator running a Time Value of money program.

Chapters included: Simple Interest, Compound Interest, More Compound Interest Topics, Annuities, More Annuity Topics, Special Annuities, Cash Flow Analysis, Data Collection and Presentation, Central Tendency and Dispersion, Basic Probability Concepts, Probability Distributions, and Correlation and Linear Regression.

This book is a great help to anyone studying for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam or who desires to learn how to use their financial calculator effectively.

This is the third edition with several new sections and revisions from the earlier edition .

About the Author Gene Wright has been teaching business math to college students for over 15 years."


Hi, Gene;

I was not aware about this. Good to know! When was it printed?


I saw other three titles form yours; anyone else?

Thank you.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


It's in its third edition. First out in 1999.

You can download as PDF some sample pieces here:


I'm still trying to get in Amazon.com's top 500,000 seller list. :-)


I'm assuming this will translate well to the 17bii?

and of course the 19 :)


Pull down the sample PDFs and try them out.

I did write the entire book with the convention the HP12C uses ( the value of i is always the periodic interest rate ) and I mention early on how critical it is given that to make sure that the P/YR value is set to 1.

Otherwise, it should would fine with any business calculator.


I did, on the 12C and (after a bit of tinkering) the 17Bii.

I have to say, it's really very well written.



Please disregard the last message. Your e-mail was the victim of an overly-agressive spam filter. I've got it now. Thanks!

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