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Hi, can you tell me if an IR module can print on a HP-82240B printer. Is a HP-28S able to do the same, in my manual it's only written 82240A... What is the difference between 82240A and 82240B printers?

Is there some printing advantage to have a IR printer over a HP-82143A printer for the 41C (new print functions, capabilities etc)




Yes, Michel, you can print to an 82240B printer with a 28S. The major difference between an 82240A and B is that the B has an easier-to-read character set and it also has some better power management...

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the 82143A as I have never used it.



Yes, you can print to an 82240 printer with the IR module in an HP-41.

If you have one of these modules, I find myself with a spare 82143A I'd be happy to trade for it...


I have found that it takes a bit longer to print on the IR printer since the module has to convert the data to IR and send it to the printer. The IR printer is also a bit louder than the 82143. However, the 82240 takes up a bit less room than the 82143. The 82240 also uses common AA batteries.

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