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All the talk of memory upgrades has me wanting "more power" too. From what I have read, the 42s can be upgraded with a 32k chip. Does anyone know if either the 32s or 32sii can be given the same treatment?


I am almost sure the 32S and 32SII cannot be upgraded :-(. The standard 42S contains 2 chips -- the CPU/ROM/display drivers and the RAM chip. The RAM is a standard 8K part _and there are enough address lines brought out of the CPU package to enable the use of a 32K RAM (oh, and the software will recognise it too).
The 32S and 32SII have everything (CPU, ROM, RAM, display driver) in one chip, and from what I could see there's no bus -- not a standard bus nor a Saturn bus -- brought out of the chip. Extra RAM would therefore ssem to be impossible.
Incidentally, the 17BII is electrically very similar to the 42S (the real difference being the code in the ROM). However, while it is physically possible to fit a 32K RAM in this machine, from what I've heard (I've not tried it), the software will only use the first 8K of it. So there's no point in trying to upgrade that machine either.

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