How to restore a faded Voyager logo?


I received a Voyager today -- HP-15C -- whose logo is worn -- mostly black now with very little silver.

I would like to restore it. I'm sure folks here have the perfect solution. Is there a particular type of paint (perhaps model paint of some sort?) that would do a good job of restoring the original lustre?

The rest of the unit is in excellent condition so I think it is worth putting in a little TLC.


Paint: Humbrol #11
Technic: weathering


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I am a newbie at this game and I don't understand your response. What type of store would stock Humbrol #11? Would this be a model paint?

Any details you could provide would be appreciated.


Yes it's a model paint.
In fact you have to make a 'dry brush' on your logo.


What does it mean to "make a 'dry brush' on your logo?"



"dry brushing", modeler slang
1-put the paintbrush into the paint
2-let it dry but notcompletely.
3-brush the surface with it


What is the difference in outcome if one "dry brushes" rather than "wet brushes?"

Much obliged!


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