Where are the HP 17BIIs & 19BIIs?



I just enrolled in some finance classes which require having either a HP 17Bii or the 19Bii. Unfortunately, I'm having a really hard time finding one to buy.

Does anyone know if these have been discontinued?

I looked on the HP website (www.hpshopping.com) and neither of these calculators are listed.

Any information would be helpful.

Thanks so much!


They have been discontinued. You can still pick them up on ebay. Here's a couple of links for a batch of 17BII's:

New 17BII


I suggest you tell the instructor to change the required calculator for the class to something which is more readily available...perhaps a 12C or 10BII.



NEW boxed 19Bii in stock now and New boxed 17Bii coming in about 2 weeks at www.classiccalculators.com We are based in the UK but ship worldwide.

Laurence Carr


You might also want to try this link:

New-In-Box Hp-17bII For Sale

I know the seller, he's USA-based, and it's perfectly


Check various college bookstores. Many have unsold inventory. Two local stores have small selection of 17's, 19's and 12c's.

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