Which scientific HP should I get?


Hi all,
This is my first post here. I'm an electronics engineering student, and I think it is time to give HP another chance. My first one was a 48GX, but it was so damn hard to get anything done, I finally gave up. I spent too many valuable test minutes fussing. I DID like the RPN notation for arithmetic though, and I kind of miss it. So no I'm back to using my TI 85. At this level in my career, I'm not really doing graphing any more. That was much more helpful in High School Algebra than it is now. So I'm looking for a model with all the basic scientific features, the durable construction with hinged keys, (not the new crap they're putting out now...) and hopefully RPN. I was just over at Amazon and saw what seemed to be the perfect calc, the 32SII, but the damn thing is $240! Way too rich for my blood. I also took a look at the 20s and it seems that it may have been discontinued... Also, it is algebraic notation, and I already have enough calcs w/ Algebraic notation. Am I out of luck? eBay seems like it's mostly for collectors, as anything I'm interested in is selling for too much.

Any comments/suggestions/links are appreciated.



You're correct that the hp-20s (which is algebraic) has been discontinued. The hp-32s has also, whickh is why the ones you saw were so expensive. The only scientific RPN calculator that hp offers at the moment is the hp-48gx. The only other RPN model hp offers these days is the venerable hp-12 financial model. The rumor mill says that hp intends to introduce an RPN model some time this year. Good luck.


I will give some thought to the pawn shop idea too, and maybe garage sales.

In the meantime, I'm just going to set aside a bit of money every paycheck and save up.

Just for the heck of it, I put in a bid on a 32S on eBay, but seeing the prices that they're selling for, I don't think I will win it. My thought was that if the 32SII is being snatched up at such high prices, I just might be able to score the previous generation model or maybe an 11C for a reasonable price.

Maybe people on the internet are just too savvy with this type of thing, and I should find some sucker in the physical world who doesn't know what he has his hands... Hehehe

I DID have a 48GX, and as a basic scientific calculator, it was great. Once I started to try to figure out numeric integration and such on it, it seemed like only the programmers would be able to figure out how to do it. It was a real clunker though, and it cost me too much time on tests, so I sold it on eBay a couple years ago.

So to wrap up, I'm just looking for a durable, affordable, HP, RPN scientific calculator. I will look at some other models to see what's what.


PS - My gut feeling though, is that I should just save up some money and grab my ankles. But I would feel like a boob if HP DID come out with another RPN calculator after I paid a boatload of money for a used one...


Speaking from a similar point of view, go ahead and eat Ramen for a month or two and buy HP such as a 15c, 32s, 32sii, 42s.

OR, get a 48gx and get Hrastprogrammers emulators. They include a 41c, 42s, and 71b.

OR you can get a pocket pc and get a 41c emulator and the 15c emulator from www.lygea.com

All are workable solutions, but nothing feels quite a nice a the real thing. For what it is worth, these things will last you decades if you take care of them.

I finally decided on a HP 71b with a 41c ROM.

Good luck.



One other route to look for an HP is pawn shops. I have found a 15c with manual for $20 and a 42s without manual for $20. Even got an 82240 IR Printer for $35. It is a bit of leg work but it could be worth your while.


Where or how do I actually get a 42s emulator for the HP48?


Have a look here... http://hrastprogrammer.tripod.com/



Thank you for the link. But it looks like I found out about this emulator too late, thanks to a few idiots.


Well, you might consider an Hp28s or an Hp19Bii. Both are probably the cheapest RPN’s available off ebay aside from the 48G series which you already have.

The 48G series is actually an okay calculator aside from its bulk (size). The 28 and 19 are smaller, but not really as small and portable as the 32 you did mention. Still, their prices are in the $50-75 range and will fit in some pockets. The 28 and 19 are not durable and tough since the clamshell case hinge and the battery door (esp the door) are weak points with these machines.

Since the 32 has escalated to such a high value, a better value for that kind of $$$$ is a 42s, esp for an EE.

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