To 15c users: About the solver


In this MoHPC, you can read the next in the 32S page:

The HP-32S featured to the first RPN solver. The HP-34C had introduced the first built-in root-finder which could solve for f(x) = 0 expressed as an RPN program. To use the root finder the user wrote a function that accepted x, and left f(x) in the X register. The RPN Solver on the HP-32S allowed the user to enter a program which accepted multiple variables and computed f(a, b, c, ...) = 0. After entering a single program, the user could solve for any variable.

So, solve for ANY variable, is "the new" of the 32S/32SII/42S solver when comparing to the 34/15C solver.

I don't know if this is well known for the 15C users, but I'm amazed: take a look at this post of Karl Schneider (5 Mar 2003, 12:45 a.m.):

This trick let us to use the "old solver" like the "new solver".

I've tried it with two simple ecuations: ideal gas and mechanic energy. It works the same than in the 42S!!

Thanks again, Karl.



...nobody seems as amazaed as I was :-(



Hola, Lion;

Don't worry! Sin embargo, creo que muchos han leído.

I myself used to acknowledge many posts I read, but I see that this not so usual. For now, I read many and acknowledge just the ones I want to add something else or call for something new. If each post had nis own visitors count...

I based my feelings on the first thread about the HP15C praise. And it's mentioned many times in here.

Also, the subject you picked and Karl's cleve answer are something to be read and mentioned.

Best regards, my friend.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


i was! it looks so simple, but had never occurred to me over all these years.


Dont´t you agree ?


Of course I agree.

How contact with Karl Schneider for asking him that write it?




Well, I'm certainly honored that you consider my modest idea worthy of an Article for MoHPC, but I'm not sure that my suggestion for the 15C (and 34C and 41C* with Advantage) was all that profound.

If I can become more knowledgeable about the RPL models (I have 28C, 48G, 49G), I think a more general, comprehensive discussion would be more informative. Techniques, algorithms, and procedures for symbolic and numerical integration for the various models could be covered.

I'll review what is presently available in the Articles, and give it a shot. I have all the HP models and enough theoretical background (except the nitty-gritty numerical methods). Don't expect real quick results, though... ;-)


IMO the idea is clever and useful. Just saving your post as an article would be enough and I am quite sure people will benefit from it. Having said that, I guess being concise would count as a plus - investing time on writing a deeper article would not add too much to the original idea. Congratulations for the elegant and useful solution.



Renato and Raul --

You are correct in that a full-blown discussion of solve/integrate for RPN and RPL units is probably over-reaching and is not really needed. However, I still feel that a worthy article ought to have more substance than my Forum post contained.

I could "flesh out" the post a little into a temporary article that will be replaced by a better one. The title and scope will be, "15C/34C/41C: Using Solve/Integrate with multi-variable functions".

I have all the essentials for preparing this contribution, and have cooked up a realistic and illustrative example.


The title and scope will be, "15C/34C/41C: Using Solve/Integrate with multi-variable functions"

That is!


"... you consider my modest idea worthy ..."

Modest? The "great novelty" of the 1988 solver was hidden in the 1979 solver!



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