HP41 CX catalog of time/ext fns


I have a 41CX, but no manual. When I catalog 0 I don't see the functions in the built in time/ext fns modules, when I catalog 2 I see the modules listed, but not the functions within those modules. The functions like "time" and "date" seem to function, so why can't I catalog them ?? - Thanks - John.


On the 41CX, CAT 2 lists only the module headers. To see the individual functions press R/S then SST, SST, SST your way through them.

Cat 0 isn't really anything.

Cat 1 is the inbuild functions

Cat 2 is the module functions (including some of the built-in "modules" time and X functions)

Cat 3 are your programs

Cat 4, 5, and 6 (from emmory are also available on the CX) They give you an EM dir, an alarm list, and something else. I'll check when I get home if nobody else has already answered.

I hope this helps.


I could have sworn that cat 1 was user programs, cat 2 was modules and cat 3 was builtin functions. Could be wrong though, and I don't have my 41 CX here to check.

In cat 2, the CX only shows the headers. Use R/S to stop this, SST/BST to get to the right module, and then ENTER to view the functions in a module.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]


Thanks for the clarification guys. Now I just have to get that case together ...

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