David G. Hicks, apparently, is the man who put together
this "HP Museum" website. Just found it 2 weeks ago.
This is a real, real, real cool website.
And its put together right too.
It's organized, its simple, its clear, its crisp.
It runs without a 2 Gig CPU and DSL . All the
buttons are where they should be. It's thorough.
And the pictures are impressive and clear too.

Mr. Hicks website has got all the right categories
(forum, classifieds, etc) and everything is nicely
presented, logical, makes sense. It is a remarkable
achievement, apparently, for just one person.

Other than feeling a little odd about my favorite
calculators from 1979 and 1989 being in a "museum",
this website is perfect.

It's brilliant. It's like........ AN HP CALCULATOR!
It all makes perfect sense (HP-34C my favorite).

Thank you Mr. Hicks.
(sound of applause)
(sound of applause)





Dave has provided for me (us) a most wonderful "home". I've met my HP siblings (and parents-- mentors) here, shared with them, cried and laughed with them, and mostly learned from them. We've celebrated the, "thrill of victory" (when with the group's help a calculator has been brought back to life); and we've shared the, "agony of defeat" when they've died.

I've said it before: The people who make up this community are awesome, the best I've ever "met", and I (we) have Dave to thank for making this possible.

To paraphrase the Firesign Theatre:

"I'd like to thank Dave Hicks, for without his site, none of this would have been necessary."

Thank you, Dave, for everything. I'll bet the "ball-o-twine" collectors don't have anything like this!!


"Other than feeling a little odd about my favorite calculators from 1979 and 1989 being in a "museum", this website is perfect."

On the other hand, others are asking why it's taking "so long" to get the 32SII in here. Haven't been able to buy one of those in weeks ;-)


You know, I never thought about metntioning it before, but it's true

this site is navigable comfortably on my jornada 720, my sun ultra10, even in lynx on my VT220!

really elegant design overall.


I actually tested the site with lynx back in the early days. I have occasionally claimed/joked/threatened that I will someday write/port an HTML browser for my Altair 8800* and it would be a shame if there were any problems viewing my own site ;-)

* The Altair 8800 is a 1975 hobbyist computer based on an Intel 8080.


Just to mention: I beleive most of what we have today is due to Ed Roberts.

Do you have an Altair, Dave?

Just a credit.


This is the view when I turn around:

I spent 2 months building the basic box so I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it.

The computer I'm typing on now isn't nearly as pretty.


Hi, Dave.

It's a wonderfull part of the Computer History that you have there.

I'm amazed!

In time: I second all references and good wishes for you and for your place you gently share with us all.

Thank you, my friend.

The best regards ever.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

(I know many of us think the same everytime they open this page in their browsers, but mentioning our appreciation and admiration all the time may exhaust the fact itself; so, every chance to express these feelings is a must-be-there for many of us)


Thank you Luiz!


One of many things that impresses me
is the "geometrical" layout of the forum.

The geometry almost forms 'index cards'
yet does it without a bunch of overcomplicated
software (java) that crashes, etc.

It groups each major subject very well,
allows many different 'conversations' to occur
simultaneously, does it simply, and just
makes good sense.

The geometrical 'thread' layout is just one of
many features that is very very practical for
Mr. Hicks' site.

I was wondering..... could the threads get stored
away automatically by software, say if there's
4 posts about a memory card for a 41CV then
why not put that in a "master database" for
41CV (a thread database by calculator) rather
than let the material be dumped off at the end.


A couple of volunteers are trying to come up with some sort of FAQ or summary of all those articles.


I'd like to add one thing: Not only is the website itself great, but the Forum is the best Web-based message board I've seen *anywhere* on the Net. Over the last several years I've used (and abandoned) web boards at a lot of different sites; they're all very clunky and inconvenient compared to this one. Dave's Forum is fast, easy-to-navigate, and attractively presented. Best of all is the "Daily view" feature, which I use all the time and which I haven't seen anywhere else. Unless I'm mistaken, I think Dave wrote his own Forum software, which would explain why it's so much better than anyone else's. (Dave, if that's so, you ought to market it!)


open sourcing it might be nice as well. (I can think of several hobbyist and not-profit-based groups that could make excellent use of this, but would never be able to generate cash for a license fee.))

I'm sur epushing it public would require a bit of tuning and management interface tweaking, but this really is the best I've used.


MoHP is brilliant. I have just started using it again after visiting some time ago. I am now adding to my collection of "Classic Machines" and the site has proved very informative. It is in the same league as the HP35 was when introduced all those years ago. I will be getting a DVD sometime soon, I still have a set of original HP journals covering the HP35, HP80, HP25 and HP41. Great WORK!!!!!..... Regards Richard. PS. do I understand correctly that RPN is to disappear??.

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