Question about HP 35 versions.


I have been looking at the HP-35 beacuase I am interested in getting one as a collectors item. I noticed that there are 4 versions. However, I could not find any obvious difference between the HP-35 V-1 and the HP-35 V-2 early model. What is the difference between these models?

Jim Kelly


V1 has the "Red Dot" on the ON side of the ON-OFF switch. It also has the serial number between the two rubber feet at the bottom instead of inside the battery compartment.



he V1 "red dot" version also has the multi-piece "backbone." You can see a gap in the backbone inside the battery compartment.


Do you have any pics of the backbone gaps visible in the battery compartment?
Much obliged!



My digital camera died a while back, hope to get a new system and camera after the tax man taketh.

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