Drive belt for HP-41C printer 82162A


I'm working on an 82162A printer (HP-IL for HP-41C) but this probably is the same internally as the 82143. There is a very thin round belt, looks like an o-ring, that runs from the motor to the platen drive worm gear. It is about .75" diameter and about .04" in width. This is a tough one to find. Diameter is not a problem, but the width is about half what most places seem to carry.

My question is this. Does anyone know how I could go about obtaining some? I need one for a printer I'm working on now because the existing one has dry rotted and will break soon, but I would expect that my other two printers will need this part soon.

I've looked several places that carry o-rings, but this width is just too thin. .07" seems to be the standard.



Projector-Recorder Belt Company ( part number SCX-2.4 works well for me. The belt material is square, but it works fine.


You don't happen to have one or two that you'd sell would you? They don't list that belt on their web site for online ordering and they haven't replied to an e-mail. I can call them, certainly, but I thought if you happen to have bought a quantity and would sell one or two...

Either way, thanks.


I will check and see if I have any left, but I am pretty sure I used my last one a while back. I went looking for some last month. One of the local stores here in Dallas quit carrying the product line and the other does not have any in stock. Also, I just noticed that Fry's sells some of their belts but did not have that one. You might also check the SCY-2.3 (if I remember correctly). It looked like it would also work.

BTW, the PRB part number for HP-9100A and 9100B card reader rollers is ST-1.014 You can also probably use the ST-1.016 but it is a bit narrower that the ST-1.014. You need to slice a 0.45 inch long slice off the outer diameter for the card insertion clearance. You should also tack it down with a good glue. I use IC-2000 tire cement... a rubberized super glue used by radio controlled car people.

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