Hi Guys,

Now, don't slam me for getting commercial, but
I found a calculator watch I really believe in.
I'm the same guy who promotes HP-34C a couple of
threads down, so that's why I'm really here.
I don't know the seller at all, but I know all
about this Casio calculator watch and I love it...

Click on this link:

You will see a really nice picture for an eBay sale,
for a Casio Calculator watch. Again, an older
design has really nice fit & finish compared to
the latest hunk o' junks from Casio (with built
in 500 number phone directory or whatever). You just
want a basic 4-function on your wrist? There it is.
Would I like RPN? Sure but you can't find anything
like that. I like the basic functionality, the size
of it, the size of the keys, the styling. ALL GOOD !

There is even a black plastic of same design, for
as little as $19 in local stores. But the nice Casio
is Chrome, and that's darn hard to find lately,
but there it is. I was pleased to see the
guy in Hong Kong selling those and for a fact,
he's got more, because I asked him.

I put one on my wrist about 3 years ago, to the
laughter of all my friends. I stayed the course
and find I use it DAILY. It is very nice to have
a basic 4-function calc with you at all times.

This thing would've sold for $2000 back in 1979
(our nostalgia focus period) but now people laugh
at you if you get one for $20 or $30. How societal
values keep changing. Highly recommended for your
basic wristwatch and calculator needs every day.

I'm passing it along because I believe in it not
because I'm trying to make a buck.

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