The JPC ROM for the hp71b


Over the last couple of weeks, Gene Wright, Vassilis Prevelakis and I have been
working on archiving a previously unreleased, extensively debugged version X of
the famous JPC ROM for the 71b. Gene owns this rev X version and its manual that
he received from Joe Horn some years ago! He mailed me a copy of the ROM on
cassette tape and a copy of the manual. Then I used LINK+ to create a LIF image
of the ROM and a scanner to create a pdf of the 230 page manual and quick
reference guide.

If you would like to download the LIF image of the JPC ROM, manual, and quick
reference, please go to

You'll need at least 26K of spare memory on your 71b. If you need help getting
the files to your 71b, please let me know. I am willing to copy the ROM to a
cassette mailed to me. I would even be willing to copy it to cards, but it will
require at least 14 cards! If others who want the ROM would be willing to help
make copies in the future, that will increase its availability.

If you are wondering what the JPC ROM is, take a look below at an excerpt from
the manual (or download the quick reference guide).



Exerpt from the JPC manual:

"JPC Rom combines over 100 keywords into a single 25K Lex file. This brings
together some of the most useful hp-71 enhancements and improves the overall
performance of the machine. The source material was contributed by members of
the international community, ost of whom are members of PPC Paris.

All contributions have been made in the same spirit of benevolent, cooperative,
mutual assistance."


Nice ! I really like the documentation that comes with it !

Thanks !



If you have trouble accessing the website, here are the links for downloading the three files:


awesome! now I need to find a 64k module ;)

thanks a lot!


Thanks, thats a great contribution to 71B owners.


Hi Andy,

Many thanks to your contribution. The HP-71B is worth more discussions on this forum. Now I definitely need to try LINK+ on my OmniBook 800CT with the HPIL card installed :)


For Emu71 users, I just put a ROM image of the 'Ex' version on my Emu71 page at:

Thanks to Andy for providing this version.



I got error 404 when I tried to download it :-(


Try again...I've updated the website.

If you still have trouble, email me directly



Hope everyone can enjoy the rom!



> Think he was referring to JF's link, not yours Andy.

Right ...


I will fix it, sorry.


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