Panasonic LCR 226P battery for HP88014B


The HP88014B is the battery pack for the HP9114B HPIL disk drive. It contains a Panasonic LCR-226P battery.

A local battery distributor tells me that they are now unobtainable (officially) but I'm wondering if anyone has found a suitable replacement.

I seem to remember reading about this, but I can't find reference to it here or in the archive.


Yes, You can use the Power Sonic Model PS-628. There are also others that will fit but I don't have the model numbers right here. BTW the PS-628 is a 2.8 Amp Hour so it has a slightly higher capacity than the original battery.



Try Digi-Key's ( part number P262-ND.

This is Panasonic's Part Number LC-R062R4PU 6V, 2.4 Ah.

I've found it to be a "direct" replacement. Digikey charges $16.36 for this, and no shipping charges for orders over $25 (buy two!).

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