71b Finally


Okay, its official. I am the proud owner of the 71b. Now what do I do? :0

In regards to saving files, I understand my options to be the old cassette recorder (HP-IL), the card reader (internal) and if I am not mistaken there is a way to transfer data to a PC as well.

Could someone enlighten me on these solutions and any more that might be available.

Math ROM
41c/Forth ROM



Never mind. It no longer matters. :(


What happened???


I could blame it on my astrological sign of Pieces...being wishy washy.
I could also blame it on bad timing with finances. I will give you the full story.
1.I contacted the gentleman to buy the calc. He agreed. I sent him the money.
2.I had issue with tuition, and since it hadn't shipped I asked for a refund. He provided it no questions asked.
3.Well, I think I have it worked out so I send him the payment again, he refunds me again because it was a troublesome sale and he didn't want to deal with me.
4. I explain the situaion. He again agrees to sell me the calc. I send him the cash. I get a nasty letter from my health insurance stating that they aren't covering my liver lab work.
4a. I also get an agreement from one of my professors to buy my 15c, who laters backs out on me (karma?).
5. I ask for a refund since I cannot pay for both. He agrees, but isn't a bit happy. He tells me off.
6. I contact my grandmother and she agrees to loan me the cash for the bill.
7. Now I have the cash to pay for the thing and if I were even to try and contact the gentleman he would probably lose it!
What really is upsetting is that his price was fair and he seemed to be a nice guy. Now I have no chance of purchasing his calc.



The hand of fate doesn't seem to be good to you...

You sent the money three times, and cancelled the deal three times?

Seriously, You'd make sure the money *is* available
at the time you need to pay the HP-71.

Maybe you could kindly ask the seller to accept the money in two parts, and after having received the second part,
he'd send you the calc.
This could work if you explain the situation to him.
In any case you should give him a guarantee for not cancelling again!

But again: Check your budget before buying;-)
Never buy an expensive toy when you're low on bucks.

Good luck!


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