9114B instructions


I.ve just found an HP9114B HP-IL disk drive with (apparantly) intact battery.

After a short while of charging it, I get one flashing LED (the left one). Sometimes this goes away and all three LEDs from the left light up.

What do the flashing LEDs mean (I assume they give error conditions)?

How can I use this with my HP41?

Thanks for any assistance...


Hey there, the 9114B is controlled through HP-IL module. The instructions for using the disk drive are contained in the HP-IL owners manual. The 9114B along with the cassette drive are considered mass storage devices in HP-IL. I don't really know much more about the 9114B specifically. I know there are more knowledgeable people out there who can provide more information. Randy


Thanks, I'll look that up.

I found that my problems probably are battery related. The voltage off load seemed OK, but under load it falls dramatically.


The 9114 uses exactly the same commands that the cassette drive does. The 9114 manual doesn't list any commands. It's really worthless. The cassette manual is much better. Get a copy of it.

The three lights indicate the battery level. All three should be one when the battery is fully charged. When it gets to one light on it will read but not write to the disk. Then it will shut down completely.

If you can't get more than one light even after a long charge then the battery is shot. The battery in the pack is a 6 volt 2.4 Ah Panasonic model LCR-226P Lead Acid battery. It WILL ruin these batteries if they sit around without being charged regularly.



The pag.27 Operator´s Manual (9114B) say:

Power on Selftest: A power-on seltest is perfomed automatically when you turn on the disc drive. The test ligth (on the right side of the front panel) is on when selftest is in operation. The selftest take approximately 6 seconds after which the test light goes out. If you have a disc inserted in the drive, read and write testing (involving the disk) take an additional 5 seconds or a total of approximately 11 seconds. If the test ligth stays on after the normal testing time, an error whithin the disc drive has been detected (Make sure that the disc used is the selftest is not write protected.


That is correct but the test light is not the yellow light (9114A) or lights (9114B) that indicate the battery charge level. The TEST light is the red light. They are usually marked "Battery" and "Test" respectively.


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