new *hp* calculators


Several people have commented in pasing that the newer hp's (-9g, -9s, -30s) are rebadged products of other manufacturers. Who is actually making these?


It has been said before in this forum, Kinpo:

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Why wait, how soon can we rename this the The Museum of Kinpo Calculators (MoKC)? Even we have to admit, Carly is a genius!


... I think Messrs. Willian Hewlett and David Packard should have their names mentioned in higher consideration, and never used as a disguised.

Forgive-me, Mr. I-will-not-post-my-name, but I would think twice before doing this. I'm almost sure you're not a regular contributor. But if you are and wanted to be funny (and the post is indded funny), you should write: "I belive Messrs. Hewllet and Packard are thinking..."

Maybe other contributors don't agree, but Messrs. Hewllet and Packard's memories must be respected.

Sorry, my thoughts. With my name.

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I admire your loyalty, admiration, and respect for Mr. Hewlett and Packard. And I also think, even joking, people should post their real names.

Having said that, I think the writer is expressing his sadness over the state of HP and that the founders would be horrified with this development. He is using sarcasm to express this-- something I like to do maybe too often.

For example, our last free-standing mental hospital (the one I moved here for) is closing due to losing 2 million dollars a year. I've been "praising" this decision as a way to raise the insurance companies' CEO bonuses from 40 plus million to 42 plus million per year. (After all, aren't their bonuses more important than providing services to the people buying health insurance? One CEO in Iowa made a 20 million dollar bonus two years ago, but 200 million last year. The government is "looking into it" as the company laid off (fired) over 40 employees.)

See, I can't help myself either. HP's decision is actually related to this: profit is more important than quality when serving people.

My own opinion only: "When you put people before money, both will benefit. When you put money before people, both will suffer."

Damned idealist.


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