What is the fastest computer that LINK+ has successfully run on. I have a pentium 166 that I was going to attempt to run it on.

Is the problem with LINK+ on faster computers the CPU speed or the ISA bus speed?



I used it on a dual Celeron 525, a dual Pentium3 500, a Pentium 200 under DOS, Win98SE and Win2k... haven't tried it on the Athlon 2400+ since it has no ISA slots :(

I had to disable external cache though; this way the PC takes forever to boot up but you can use Link+

Now I bought an OmniBook 800CT with docking station to devote to this task.



It turns out that my 166 MHz is an OmniBook 800CT.

Do you have any more tips for running LINK+ on an omnibook 800CT?




Do you have any more tips for running LINK+ on an omnibook 800CT?

Not yet, sorry.

I had it recently and had to play with it for a little to choose what to install on.

I am planning to try the HPIL card during the weekend if my wife doesn't turn out with more clever things to do ;-)


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