how do i do a matrix transpose


I am typing TRAN([[5,3,2]][2,2,2])

and I get TRAN([[5,3,2]][2,2,2]) back!

my calc won't transpose! it just keeps giving back the thing I punched in.

would a reset or something help? How do I do the strongest type of reset w/o wiping my OS?



If your typing is correct in the post, there is an inner bracket that should not be there; like this:

, instead you should type::

Anyway, I tested it in the HP49 and I get the transpose matrix. Have you checked for any particular setting? I had a look at the HP49G's Command Guide and there are no specific settings for TRAN, neither for TRN (works as well). But who knows...

If it's just the typo bracket, it should work fine (I typed this way and I received a Invalid Dimension error and the wrong command line is kept in the display as you mention)

Best regards.



Actually that was a typo, I do know how to use matrix math. ;)

What I did was push in the reset button in the back.

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