HP 41-CX no power up


My HP 41-CX will not power up. Any time I press the power button it just beeps. I have checked the contacts and put new N cells in, checked the cell polarities twice. Did a PWR/ENTER reset, tried removing cells overnight, tried removing the Advantage module, tried shorting the battery contacts in the calc, still nuttin.

Is it just a display issue, that is, the unit is powering up but the display is dead?

Anyone have any suggestions on other things to try? I am not really familiar with these units, I still use a 21 myself.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.


Bruce G.

PS if emailing, don't forget to take out the TRASH.



maybe it's just a typo, but the HP41's reset is not

Instead it is
[ON][<-]  (left-arrow)
If you did it right, just forget it.

Anyway, if it is beeping at the [ON] key, try the following:

1- keep e fast finger over the [R/S] key
2- press and hold [ON] key
3- release [ON] key and, as fast as you can, press [R/S] key (do not use physical force, just a fast tap)

If it is a bad running program, you may stop it. A program like this would do that:

LBL 00
SF 11
GTO 00
This pogram sets the auto-RUN flag (SF 11), switches the calculator OFF, and when it is switched to ON, it will jump to LBL 00 and start all over again.



To see if it is a display problem, try the keyboard BEEP command. If it plays a jaunty little tune, your problem is in the display.



Thanks for your tips, Unfortunately neither one changed the situation. The keyboard BEEP command netted nothing so the problem must be deeper. Hitting the R/S key immediately following the on key release was unsuccessful also. I guess this is now a parts calc.

Thanks again.


Bruce G.



is your HP41CX a fullnut or a halfnut?

If you do not know the difference, look at the picture below.

If you really believe it's a parts calcualtor, I'm interested on it mostly if it is a fullnut. Anyway, if you do not give up, I'll help you putting it back to business.

Let me know what you want to do.

Best regards and success.

Luiz CV. Vieira - Brazil

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