Packaging of HP 49G


The HP 49G that I recently obtained included the user's guide, advanced user's guide, pocket guide, the 10 pin to 10 pin link cable, a 10 pin to 4 pin adapter, a PC adapter, a registration card and three AAA batteries. No name plate was included. I know earlier HP 49G's did not come with the advanced user's guide. Was that the only difference from the later packaging or were other items missing?



just to note another variation.
The European Version of the 49G came in a box,
and (at least) the U.S. version was packed in blister.




mine came from USA and the missing items are:

- AdvancedUser's Guide (the owner's manual mentions it can be downloaded and printed)
- PC adaptor (only 10-to-10 cable and 10-to-4 adaptor)

The name plate was aldo absent, and my brother told me he bought it in a blister, no box.


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