series 80 manuals (Vassilis, any help?)


well, having found a NOS magnavox composite monitor, a paintjet printer, and disk drives, I think I am just about ready to do some more serious exploration of the 86B- except I'm missing a few things.

like manuals of any sort. I know the B has i/o and mass storage built in and more ram, anything else?
If no one anywhere has the 86(regular or B) manuals handy (or for sale, I'll scan them in happly) then how useful is the 85 manual in this context? (this applies to the mass storage, advanced programming, etc.)

The next and final question is: is it possible to make a ROM drawer? I can't find one on ebay or anywhere else I've tried to hunt one down.....

specifically for vassilis: I've got some 85 software on tape that I can't really use, with manuals. it appears to be not avilable on


The 86B is closest to the HP87XM. The MoHPC CDs include the 85B manual which should be OK for your initial exploration (apart from the screen size, the two machines are quite similar).

The site contains a few additional manuals (e.g. the I/O Prog Guide) covering topics that are missing from the Owner's Manual. But you need the appropriate ROMs as well.

> The next and final question is: is it possible to make a ROM drawer? I can't find one on ebay
> or anywhere else I've tried to hunt one down.....

I am working on two projects at this time: (a) reverse engineer the EPROM cartridge and make a new one that uses Flash Memory. Then people will be able to download ROMs into Flash memory and not worry about hard-to-find ROM modules, and (b) an HP-IB disk emulator which will be a single board computer with Flash memory, that will look like a Mass Storage HP-IB device. Don't hold your breath though, these projects are on a spare time basis and I don't have a lot :-( .

In the mean time, go on looking on eBay, ROM Drawers appear there regularly.



yeah, the 86B seems to have the I/O and mass storage included. I am not sure what else is included in that revision......

Interstingly, it doesn't seem ver far off formt he 75, either


I own an 86/87 manual. I plan to scan it in sometime. In the meantime, feel free to email me any questions.


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