How does HP allow things like this on ebay?


The 12C manual sold on a CD. If we all did this, would HP notice?



Whether it is legal or not completely depends on HP's stance regarding their old calculators. They have allowed the calcs ROMS to be used in emulators, if I am not mistake, so they may no longer care.
You would have to contact HP regarding the issue. It is no longer a copyright issue if HP give the go ahead.



They tend to be more "possessive" of their current offerings.


Isn't the 12C still "current"? I just bought one off the shelf a couple of months ago.


That was my point. This guy is selling a PDF version of the HP-12C manual while the 12c is still a currently sold product.



HP 12C still at Office Depot for $79. Was not but 10 or so months ago they were begging at Walmart on markdowns for 30$!

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