HMS "bug" again, HP11C


I noticed an odd behaviour in my HP11C in the HMS functions. Looking through the archives I see that this behaviour was found in the 28S and 42S. When I do 2.12 g->H 1.37 g->H (subtract) f->H.MS I get an answer of 0.3460 instead of 0.3500. As noted in the other posts the answer is "correct" but not what I was expecting. I just wanted to add this bit of information to the archives here. (I have just checked with an HP32SII, it does this also.) Cheers.



hit the [f][PREFIX] key and you'll see:

As exprected, internally we have the rounding error. The problem is that 3.459999999 is a number that you can key in anytime. Tha HP11C does not "know" it's an H.MMSSssss representation. I agree with the fact the rouning error should not occur, but the rounding-up from 3.459999999 to 3.4600 is acceptable for an ordinary number.

Is that what you read about?



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I think its just a rounding error. I think its just trying to display 0.3459999999999... but its getting rounded up to 0.3460000. In fact, you can see this is a rounding error by changing the display of the result to scientific notation by hitting f->SCI 9. You get 3.459999-01.



Well, if I don't have my HP11C here at work, but on my 32SII if I do FIX 9 I get 0.346000000, not 0.34599999... And, if I do SCI 9 I get 3.46000000E-1 etc. I guess I am not trying to argue that it is a fully qualified bug, that is why I put "bug" in quotes in the Subject line. I was just adding to the thread in the HP Forum Archive 6 (go to that page and do a browser search for "HMS").


Try RND ->H ->H.MS for avoiding the error.



...and using HMS- (in the 42S/48GX) you'll get the desired 0.35


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