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Hi all,

I know the 48GX is not a target machine on this forum, but I also know a lot of you guys are very knowledgeable on those machines.
My question is what is the most recent version of 48GX? I tried the "VERSION" command on 3 different machines, build on 97, 99 and 2002 and the result was always the same "HP48-R Copyright 1993".
Does that mean the operating system on the 48GX never evolved over the years? I'm having a hard time believing this.
Also, if there is no change in software, was any change in the hardware (other than the kbd and display)?



That means that the latest ROM is version R. The 1993 is the first year the 48GX was introduced. I think version R was introduced in 95 or 96 (someone might know this). My own 48GX is version P.



just to add some new info. I once read that the HP48G/G+ and the hP48GX O.S. are probably different from each other because of the expansion slots handling. My HP48G+ (two of them, serial # ID02000xxx and ID13900xxx) are both version R O.S. Should I think Version R is for the three of them OR there is a version R for the G/G+ and another for the GX?

Just to clear the facts out.



There is no mistake. Version R is the latest. A 48G+ can easily handle more RAM, if you were to physically add missing IC compenents (instructions are same as expanding a 48G). The properties and bugs of the 48 are well documented also on hpcalc.org.

The R version is the last and since the OS was much simpler in comparision and much better tested than the 49, all ROM versions are good, the R version was just the last and best. Hp's abandonment or lack of reason to improve since 95 was due to relocation of its calculator division.

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