Whither HP-10C?


There are no end of HP-11C's, HP-15C's and, of course, HP-12C's available for purchase on eBay. There are also a good number of HP-16C's.

Although I've only been looking for a couple of weeks, I've yet to see an HP-10C.

Were these things just not very popular in their time? If HP didn't sell very many of them it would account for the paucity of auctions.



They are the rarest of the Voyager series...




based on what I have seen at e-bay, US$330,00 for a complete in box (not mint) HP10C is a sign that prices for this particular item are getting a bit low...



Yes I agree. 11Cs have taken off for some reason... 17BIIs and 32SII's are going up as well, understandably due to HP's ending their production. But the high-end has been going down in price.

Sign of the times perhaps...



Are you kidding me? The least powerful of the Voyager series going for $330 and you say that is low? Yikes.

Why would the low end model be so valuable??

I guess I won't be buying my 10C anytime soon.



please, do not take it as simply the least powerfull. From some time ago (take more than a year) we've been discussing the "collectible X actual value" battle. Many long threads were issued to this subject.

The low end models like the HP21, HP31, HP10C (big target) are rare for many reasons, being thrown-away one of them. They were produced in low numbers and for a short period of time when compared to the top-level ones. You may simply compare it to the other Voyagers, HP12C not counted, and see that the other three are relatively easy to find at e-bay. No mention to theyr prices...

The HP10C without the box (a separate issue, indeed) have already reached and being over US$400.00. A complete, mint unit may be sold for about US$600.00 or more, depending on the buyer. That's what collectors ONLY are for (many contributors in here are collctors and users, I'm not talking about them): raising collectible items' prices.

Being a powerfull calculator will not change the fact it is a rare calculator or not for collectors.

I use and work with all of my calculators. Well, some are used a few times, like the HP25 and the HP31. One that is teasing me is the HP55. The only one that actually perform x<=y and x=y by the keyboard. Yes, it jumps to the specified program step if test is true or keeps program in current step if test is false even if you perform the test by the keyboard. AFAIK, no other model allows it.

Hope this helps understanding why is the HP10C so expensive. It's a fictitious price, not an actual price.



...and I bought one for US$ 35 two years ago. Still works like a charm. A bit slow, my 32SII is a bit faster, but nice to use.

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