HP-67 Diagnostic Prg SD-15C


Hi, I'm looking for the Diagnostic Program SD-15 C (or later) program listing, belonging at the HP-67 Standard Pack. Thanks :)


I have both, the SD-15A and SD-15C magnetic cards and program listings (but with german comments). I think the A is for the HP-67, and the C is for the HP-97. Is this correct?

I you like I can scan the listings and send it to you. Let me know.



As far as I remember SD-15C is the new release of the SD-15A, extended and improved. The listing of the SD-15A was given in the manual of the Standard Pac. SD-15C was added by a small notice as addendum to the manual, without the listing, but recorded on the magnetic card.

Both releases were intended for both machines, ie. HP67 and HP97.


Hi Jurgen,

Fortunately, I've got already the SD-15C program listing, but perhaps you can help me a little bit. Could you send me the SD-15C error codes listing? A scanned jpg file will be very useful (for instance: 45 means a Flag 0 malfunction). Thanks in advance.

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