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I am looking at purchasing the DVD and wanted some advice. Be warned I am a newbie and have many questions:

1. What are the quality of the scans?

From my understanding, I can input data into the 41cx with a bar code reader, correct? Which of these books have the bar codes in them?

2. I would think that I could just print a page and then scan the barcode. Is this possible?




Remmeber that the manuals on these CDs were scanned by many people. They're not all the same quality -- the quality depends somewhat on the quality of the scanner used, and rather more on the quality of the original.
I've just bought a set of these CDs (_GREAT VALUE_ by the way...). I found that most manuals were very clear, but one or two were not so good. The HP85 service manual is one of the worst I've seen, but I am _sure_ that's because the original wasn't very good. And it's certainly a lot better than nothing. I've learnt a lot from these CDs, and
feel that I've got my money back many times over.
As regards the HP41 data, yes, you should be able to print out the barcodes and then scan them back in with the wand. However, I am not sure how reliable this will be (I've not tried it, but I've had a lot of problems with photocopied barcodes in the past). I am also not sure how many of the solution books have had the barcodes included. I would guess that he barcode pages from the 3rd party books (Wlodek's book, etc) are included.
However, I have read in the barcodes from many HP41 books and solution books and saved them on 9114 disk. I can provide copies of these programs as text-file listins, as .raw files to copy back to lif disks or use with emulators, as postscript files of the barcodes, or as barcode data files. The last is
my own format (but I'll tell you what it is) that you can easily turn into printed barcode, or whatever. If there's a book you particularaly want the programs from, feel free to ask if I have it.


I would be interested in the barcodes from the Extended Functions Made easy. Or even the program listings. Can anyone help with this?


This book is listed as being on the CD/DVD.

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