Getting into the 39G


Does anyone know how to open up the 39G? The case seems to devoid of any screw holes or similar, does the case just "clip" off or is it more complicated?



In the battery compartment are two heat stakes (just like the 48G, in fact look in for descriptions on how to open a 48 or 49, both will apply).

These calcs were never meant to be serviced, just what are you plannning to do? I opened a 39g to look at, and while it is somewhat different than a 49G, a 49G is available to view at (same CPU, and upper chip locations).

Memory cannot be expanded and CAS cannot be implemented via removal of IR or pulling the CPU address pins to said IR circuit ( I cannot confirm other pins for other chips as I just gave up and put back together to use).

My 39G snapped back together and seems to be as new (but I know better).

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