HP97 thermal rolls


I have a hp97 and am running low on the blue paper.

I remember that you can't use the black 82175A paper since Hp claimed it would wear out the head.

I have some of this 82175A paper and would like to know of any opinions of using this or other papers.
If other papers are ok then could you state part no's and suppliers.

Thanks Malcolm


Hi Malcolm.

I've been running standard (black) thermal paper through my HP's without any difficulty. I suspect that, "paper is paper", and I don't see how a print head could tell whether it is heating up black paper or blue paper. This is just my opinion. Maybe the paper was smoother, but I can't imagine that black paper is more abrasive than blue paper.... and I don't see how the thermal properties could be that different.

I did hear that every division of HP lost money last year except for its ink, paper, and toner division, which made billions of dollars and made up for all of the other divisions' losses. I've also heard that HP loses money on their printers, but makes it up many times over with ink sales. (Thus, giving away the razor and selling the blades...) I'm sure that's why they caution so strongly against using anything other than their brand, though I've been refilling ink since the Thinkjet days with no problems, other than not having the ability to fill in a vaccuum and then have the ink expand into the channels of the cartridge in a nitrogen atmosphere.... a guy who sells ink refills for a living tells me the best way is to fill cartridges and let them sit a few weeks, rather than using them immediately... but that's another topic. HP has begun using "smart chips" to deter refilling, but I've kept my HP 2000C's running for years by refilling.

So, my guess is that they were trying to scare people into just using their paper.

Anyone had any trouble with "standard" thermal paper?



I've been using NCR thermal paper rolls that I buy at Staples in my HP printing calculators with no trouble at all. They sell 2 1/4" x 85' rolls (perfect for the 97, 82240A/B, etc.) and 2 1/4" x 165' rolls for the 9815, 9825, etc.. They also sell 1 1/2" x 14' (shorter than the HP rolls, but they work fine) thermal paper rolls for use in the HP 19C and 10A calculators. Search for part number PMF5228 on their web site, they don’t sell this stuff in the stores.


Hmmm, just looked up PMF5228 and they came up as 1 1/2" x 14' - not 2 1/2"


That't what she said, that the 1 1/2 x 14' were PMF5228, and it fits the HP 19C and the 10A.



Any office supply store sells the NCR thermal paper. A pack of nine rolls sells for $9 or less. It is used as thermal paper for gas pump receipt printers, etc. The NCR paper is VERY nice and smooth. Gives really nice printouts. I know a guy who has run well over 50 rolls through his HP97 without problem.

It is best to avoid the HP black paper ('175)... it might actually be hard on the printheads. The proper HP blue paper is all well past its prime and generally prints very poorly if you can find it.

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