41CX Finance Module?



I'm awaiting the arrival of my first 41CX (upgrading from a 48) and would like to have the financial funtions of a 12C available.

Do I need the Financial Decisions module or Securities module or something else?

What about the Advantage module?

Is there an on-line listing of what each module specifically includes?

Sorry if this has been asked before (I searched the archives, but just got more confused).

Thanks in advance.

- Mike


Hi, Mike;

Two options for you:

1 - adding a ROM module, and the Financial Decisions is the closest you have to the HP12C
2 - programming the calcualtor so it will do what you want

Almost everything in the HP12C may be emulated in an HP41CX, having the Finance module or not. With the module is easier.

I have the three of them: the HP12C, the HP41CX and the Financial Decisions Module. And they all work well.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


The PPC ROM module program "FI" is a good finance program. It does the time value of money very well.

If you're needing NPV and IRR, etc., then you'll need more than this, and the HP-41 finance ROM is good.

Perhaps someone should type up the FI listing of the PPC rom and put it online somewhere. It's not that long.



There is a decent TVM program for the 41 in the HP-41CV Operation in Detail manual...about 200 steps. i used it quite a bit for a few years. It solves for PV, i, n, PMT, FV much like the 12C, the palmtops, or MONEY on the FDPac.

The FDPac also provides: IRR, modified IRR, net present value, loan amortization, depreciation, periodic interest (bonds), and day/date conversions.

i have a 12C, and the FDPac in a 41 seems to contain pretty much the same abilities. i don't have a securities or real estate module, but they may also have the functionalty you want.

good luck


The Advantage ROM also includes basic Time Value of Money
routines, implemented as RPN programs.

This allows you to COPY them from ROM to
RAM in order to alter them to suit your exact needs.

I don't remember if IRR computations are also included
directly in the Advantage ROM, but if not, it's
really very easy to write a very short program to compute
IRR and NPV using the matrix and solver machine-language keywords (not
RPN programs)
already included.



I'd like just to point out a few facts:

- the Advantage Module is somewhat difficult to be found, mostly because its funcionality goes far beyond general programs. It has a lot of extra functions that really add advantage functionality for the HP41

- I'm almost sure the Financial Decisions, for being easier to find, is also cheaper than the Advantage Module

- the Standard Applications book that comes with the HP41 (it does not come with the HP41CX) also adds a Calendar programs that will add [DELTA]DYS and DATE functionality, but you have an HP41CX that also comes with calendar functions: [DDAYS] and [DOW].

My US$0.05


The Home Management Pac also includes a TVM program. It also has check book balancing and stock analysis programs.


>I'm awaiting the arrival of my first 41CX (upgrading from a 48)

Thirteen years ago HP wanted people to upgrade *from* the HP-41 *to* the HP-48...

But somehow I can understand you.


BTW: At least the 48GX has a TVM application built-in.



As you knew, I was speaking in jest. However, I was never very comfortable with the HP-48. I always prefered my HP-15, and even more so, my HP-25.

There's something about the classic look and feel of an HP-25. I got mine new in 1976 as a Chrsitmas gift for high school (and used it for about 10 years). The "15" was also fun, but it just didn't feel right and after another 10 years, I moved to the "48". I never felt I made this machine "mine". I would sometimes, inadvertantly, put it into various modes that would take minutes to get out of!

I would stay with my (still working perfectly) "25" except I need an LCD display for fear of losing battery power at an inopportune moment.

I very excited to "go back to the future" with an HP-41!

- Mike



I would change:

> "go back to the future" with an HP-41!


> "go straight (and happily) to the past" for an HP-41!

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