41cx advantage module DEAD?


"It's dead, Jim"

How can one tell if an Advantage module is dead?

It plugs into a slot of a 41cx (any of four), with and without the math module and the calc wont even turn on. I remove the module and the calc is fine.

Is it possible to breath life into a module, or am I going to have to return the thing?



Do you have any other 41C series you can test it on? You may have a bad contact on the 41C itself (where the battery/module contacts connects to the PCB). I had a similar problem with a Math module with one of the calculators. It would work on the others, but not this particular one. I opened up the calc, cleaned the contacts, and reassembled, and it all worked fine after that.


It may be a bad contact in the module itself. I have fixed some funky modules by folding a piece of very fine grit (1000 grit) sandpaper, wetting it with alcohol or contact cleaner, and gently cleaning the module contacts... try not to overdo it and remove the gold plating. I also take a probe and gently bend the contacts inwards so that they will make good contact with the calculator.


Hey guys.

1. tried cleaning the contacts. Nothing.
2. bent the pins, gently, inward. Nope.

When I put it in and try to turn on the calc, whether the math module is in or not, nothing happens. When I take the advantage module out, the calc wont turn back on. I have to remove the batteries, then reseat them before the calc will turn back on.

Any other advice?



Ah, I thought that was a possiblity. Similar to dirty contacts on old video game cartridges! I admit I am a bit more worried about cleaning the module than an old game cart! I will try alcohol and bending the connectors tonight. I will give a heads up later.
It isn't the calcs connectors. I tried the math module in all the ports and it worked fine. Must be the module.


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