ebay ti price scam?


i put an auction on my favorites bar to see how it turned out. it was for a ti 58c with the ubiquitous master library module and case. no manual and no charger. not even an ebay "guarantee" that it was working. there were three main bidders and all (including the seller) have very few "merit badges". the dam thing sold for $71, which is about 7 times what it is worth.

i know some of you keep track of scams. if you will - can someone look at http://cgi6.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=3007569832 and tell me if this looks as fishy as i think it does.

btw: i did not bid. i did not want to. i have a working one, with extras. i am just curious and thought that maybe someone might have a broader view of this than i do.


Looks all legit to me.


P.S. What would be the scam in this case?


thats what i was wondering. maybe running up the preceved worth of that unit because he has a dozen of them? ok: that would be pretty petty. hell. i don't know. it's just that i have never seen a working one with manuals and a printer get near that much, that and the shotgun approach the bidders had.

but thanks for the answer. i'll believe it.


The shotgun approach is normal on ebay. You have to expect it. I, myself, got nailed last night by a last minute bidder. You know who you are Steve! :)


I think you are correct to be suspicious. Look at item http://cgi6.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=3005608543 that sold for a lot less. Different set of bidders too. Only exceptionally clean and complete items should demand prices out of range. If you just want a clean, working example for daily use then don't pay these prices. Other units come around eventually. Patience my friend.


It's normal, the buyer have only won another time on eBay and lack experience. He probably didn't know that this model is often there on eBay... eBay wars between "newbies" bidders are very goo for sellers...


Here's another one that looks suspicious. The winning bidder put in a bid that was twice the previous bid. Looks like the seller didn't want the item to go for such alow price and so he had someone put in a high bid to end the bidding. You never know who you are bidding against. You have to have a good idea what something is worth generally and what it's worth to you before you start.



The auction (3007308970) was ended by 'Buy it now'. Does not seem to be suspicious IMHO. And $199 for an almost complete 15C seems to be 'normal' these days...



So everyone here will know. My last comment was made in JEST and is not a negative comment again Steven. Thanks.



One advantage of the last minute bid is that if you bid at the absolute last second and are out bid you have missed out and the temptation to go beyond what you think the thing is worth is not there ... :-)


Ahh, the subtle wonders of Ebay prices... if you have two people who decide they really want an item (and don't know what it's worth or really need it soon) all things are possible... like a $300 really ugly and engraved HP25...


May be I should sell my 58C and printer?


Why does he pay more for a new 17bII than what he sells them for?


perhaps he's a market maker.


I think he would sell this one as completely new and therefore at a much higher price than what he paid for it.

What do you mean "market maker".


Someone who buy and sells the same item for his own account to make a market. Typically on the NYSE and NSADAQ.


ct; a working 58c with a printer, 12 rolls of paper, case and two roms only gets $34. think small and double your money. -db

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