HP-11C / HP-15C docs


Apart from the CD available here (which I have ordered) is there a source of documentation for the HP-11C or HP-15C? I have purchased one of each of these without manuals and I have never owned them before. Something in PDF format would be quite lovely.


The actual manuals appear quite often on Ebay... usually in the $25 price range.


Thanks David, of course I am looking on eBay. I guess I should have been more explicit, I'm looking for softcopy manuals. Since I was able to download an HP-12C manual in PDF format yesterday I assume that some people might have done the same for the HP-11C and HP-15C sometime in the past. Those manuals are not available anymore (if they ever were) through the HP site.

I've also done a google search but found nothing.
Any pointers would be appreciated.



I don't think those manuals were ever available from HP in PDF. I don't think the Internet (let alone the WWW) were seen as good distribution mechanisms back then. I'm not even sure PDF existed back then. I think Dave may have started distributing old manuals in PDF before HP did the same with new manuals.

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