Zeprom Programmer and Documentation


I've managed to acquire a Zeprom module, Programmer, and some documentation ("ZEPROM Programmer User's Manual). This document makes reference to the "Zeprom Programmer's Manual" which "Contains a detailed description of the ZEPROM by its maker, Zengrange. Describes the software present in core 3 of all new ZEPROM's". The User's Manual I have is OK, but cryptic, and it sounds like the Programmer's Manual would be very useful to me. Is there anyone out there with a copy of this they would be willing to share?

As to the Zeprom and Programmer, I'm on the very early (and _steep_) part of the learning curve, but it seems to be very close to the ideal of an ML programming unit for the HP-41. I will report back when I can do more than hang my HP-41CX in interesting and unusual ways. If there's anyone else out there who is playing with one of these units (someone recently bought a Zeprom and voltage convertor on Ebay), or who has some experience from the past that they can vaguely remember, I'd appreciate it if you would contact me. Thanks for any help.


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