How much is an HP-15C worth?


I have a HP-15C along with its owners manual in the original box. Can someone tell me how much it is worth?


It all depends on its condition.
Brand new condition box with brand new condition manuals and calculator could be worth...$500 on ebay?

Crumpled up dirty stained box and manual, with scratched up calculator could fetch maybe $80. Median may be around $180.



500$ for HP-15C ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????

Is it made of ... gold?


Only the 12C is Gold <G>

I've seen a sealed new in the box 16C go for something like $700 on EBay last year...there was some discussion about it here if I remember correctly...



The HP-16C is a totally different beast, and is a very
special case that really makes people want to fork out
big dollars for it.

There is no whay you can use the -16 as a measurement stick
for any other model in the -1x series.


Just ask texaspyro how much he'd fork out for a brand new 15C in new sealed box. I also remember seeing mint in box 15C's go for close to $400 last year. The box itself had some wear on it. If the box was also new-looking, I would bet it would fetch $500.



I'm not really getting into an argument about the
worth of a HP-15C. I'm just pointing out that
the HP-16C is a different machine, which is worth
much more, so don't use one to prove the value of the

And personally, I fart in the general direction of e-bay. :-)


Okay, just don't let anyone light a match behind you then... <VBG>



E-bay's mother was a hamster and it's father smelled of elderberries.


I believe a mint condition one with an excellent box, might well go for $500.

An excellent 15C (with no marks at all) with no manuals can go for $250.

With both manuals in excellent condition, $300.

With box and manuals all in mint condition $400 - $500, depending on how busy eBay is. Right now it's slow and prices are lower than usual.

eBay is always slow after Christmas and right up till tax time.


has 26 items, looks like 18 are actual 15C's (I'm discounting vinyl cases and handbooks-only). The most expensive went for $229.50, the cheapest for 101.01 (I didn't do any more stats than min & max).


I wouldn't even consider the one that sold for $229 to be in excellent condition. I'd only rate it good. In fact, the one that sold at $120 (Buy It Now) appears to be in better condition. The seller didn't get the market price for it due to the fact that he allowed a buyer to buy it at a fixed, non-auction price.



Prices vary widely. Have sold same for 225-325 on ebay during last couple of years. Way back sold my original in Mint cond 15c w/both books and box in 1994 on hp.handhelds for around $100 along with a as-new in box 16c for same. Does not mean it will not bring more, and probably not less than the first priced above. 15C's and 42s are more common than 16c as someone pointed out.

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