HP calculator emulators for HP Jornada 720


Anybody knows where to find any usable, proven in practice, that really works on Jornada 720?

Warm regards to all of you from (sunny but cold) Split, Croatia


Hi Nenad,

If you need an HP-48/49 emulator for Jornada I think Emu48 for Windows CE or Pocket PC will do the job. I don't know for emulators of other calculator on Windows CE. Sorry.

Best regards.


I just forgot to mention: there is an HP-41 emulator for Pocket PC called eV41.


which I haven't managed to get working on a 720.

680/720 == HPC

others == PPC

the java based emulators should work on the 720 if you can get the display handling to accept the 640x240 display.



You can download emulators for the HP 48GX, HP 49G HP 12C (plus other calculators) from:


I have tried the three listed above on my 720 and they all worked well


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