HP-11C test


Can someone tell me the procedure to make a "self" test on a HP-11C calculator.



Turn calculator off.

Hold down "X" (multiply) key while turning it on (press and release the ON button). Then release the "X" key.



Thanks! I did it and i get "running" and after that all the display possibilities lit. Is it ok?


Yes, that's a successful test!

Another test, the keyboard test, can be done by holding down the "divide" key while turning it on.

Then, press all the keys in sequence starting from the upper left, and go across to the right, then down one row start from left, and across to the right, etc.
(you have to press ENTER key twice for each of the two rows on which it exist)

After the last key is pressed, you'll get the series number displayed (11 in the case of the 11C).


Ok, for keyboard test. I tried the 2 tests on my old 12C but nothing, is it normal?

Thanks again!


no, it's not. all voyager series use the same self-test procedure.

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