hp85 secured files


when attempting to unsecure an hp85 file, one needs to know the 2 digit security code.

I have a copy of the hp85 games pac, but all the files on it are secure. Does anyone know the secure code...or a way around it?


With two digits, there are not that many combinations to try... sit down with some good beer and start poking...


David Smith wrote: "With two digits, there are not that many combinations to try... sit down with some good beer and start poking..."

With two digits, on the HP-85, you have as many as 256*256 = 65,536 possibilities to try per program, assuming all have different combinations. That's a lot.

Besides, if the programs are stored on tape, each attempt will mean reading the tape and possibly rewinding. The tape will wear out and become damaged much sooner, so trying all combinations is definitely out of the question, unless you're extremely lucky. The same would apply for programs stored on a floppy disk, it would also get ruined.

The best way would be if someone knows the combination and will tell. That failing, I think the proper way to do it is to get an 'UNSECURE' binary program, load it using LOADBIN,
then using it to remove the protection. Such a binary can probably be found in libraries or repositories of obsolete HP software and hardware. Else, you can write it yourself if you get the Assembler ROM or its tape version (which included a BASIC program to do the editing & compiling, and the binary program STOREBIN to convert your assembler source code to a binary program and store it on tape), plus the relevant documentation.

Perhaps some visitor has some of these materials available, knows where they can be found, or can shed some light on the subject. I used to have all of them, but that was many, many years ago ...


I remember reading somewhere that the code was "HP" or "hp".
This is from way back so I hope my memory is correct.


"hp" and "HP" don't work...thanks though



Try using the following

UNSECURE "filename", "security code", security type"

security code used was "HP"
security type used was "2"

I found this information on the introduction page of the Series 80 Graphics Presentation manual and on pages 294 and 295 of the Series 80 programing guide.

Hope this helps

Best regards


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