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Okay guys. This HP calc bug that bit me is getting potentially expensive! I need another option. I could care less for collectibility, I need usability! (Well, except for the super solid construction of the 41cx WOW!...but I stray).
EMULATION for the PC and Pocket PC. I have found a 41cx emulator, a 12c and 15c emulator for the Pocket PC. Are there any others out there? Such as a 42s? 32s?
I realize I am probably speaking hearsy :) for asking these questions, but a guy has to eat! Seriously, does anyone know anything regarding emulation on the Pocket PC? ESPECIALLY, 41c PAC emulation!

Thanks for the help!!!




simply look here to see what's available:



For all you people with HP-10BII keyboard problems, try this emulator. It looks good and works with keys as lively as my mouse!


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