HP48gx programming


I possess a very small collection of HP calculators. All in all four models : HP 35, 97, 41cx and 32sII. All of these was bought second hand or given by friends without the manuals
I can program easily the hp 97 without the manual.
It was a bit more difficult with the 41 and 32sII, but I succeeded to do simple program before I could find copies of the manuals for these two models.
A friend just borrow me an hp48gx. He lost his manual, and never use more than the four operations in this calculator (what a shame). For this one, it is impossible for me to guess how to enter the simplest code.
Could someone tell me how to enter a simple program ? For example something like this one in basic :
input X
input Y
print X*Y

Thanks for your help




also, I think Luiz has a site, but I can't find the bookmark now. I'm sure he will post it- it's a really well set up resource for the 48


There's a wealth of information at the following:

Calculus Concepts:

Programming Documentation:

Misc documents including User Manual:


Also note that almost everything from the 48S series also applies to the 48G series, and in my opinion the S series came with a better manual. The 48SX Owner's Manual (And hey! I just noticed, also the Programmer's Reference Manual) is included in the Museum CD-ROM/DVD-ROM set; see http://www.hpmuseum.org/cd/cddesc.htm if you don't have it.

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