HP-49G display scratches ... sorry, I know it's a new calc :-|


Hi everybody!

First of all, please accept my apologies for asking questions about this rather new calc in the museums-forum. However, I guess anybody owning one of these amazing machines knows about the "sensitive" display that is scratched very easily. So, my is question is, if there's any means of "repairing" this (like polishing or the like). Thanks for your time!

Best wishes, Juergen


Early ones were meant to be quite bad, later ones (from 2000? - see the serial number for the make date) were supposed to have a more scratch resistant display cover.

As the cover is quite soft I don't think it will polish out, if you find a solution please post it here.

Some people have popped out the cover and cut a hole in the middle of it (I think I saw this done at www.hpcalc.org). However the clear cover does seem to be needed to give the case some strength and you may find the blue plastic surround cracks if the clear cover is removed.


I no longer have the 49G that prompted my purchase, and never tried this myself. But I read somewhere on the web about the use of "Future Premium Floor Finish", a clear acrylic floor shine, and bought a bottle (27 fl. oz. or 798_ml cost around $5, will undoubtedly last longer than you'll need it to).

I can testify that it's quite clear, and suspect you wouldn't have to dewax your 49G before applying :). I think the (web) directions suggested sparing application to scratches with a Q-tip, and said scratches would then seem to disappear (but YMMV).


See http://holyjoe.net/hp/HP49.htm#nowindow for an example of the 49G without the chunk of plastic over the display.

Joe used pliers to remove the plastic, but I was able to use a popsicle stick through the serial port to push it off from the bottom side. Others have reported using a small screwdriver the same way. Maybe the strength of the glue holding it on varies.

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