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A few weeks ago, I posted that my 19BII screen had poor contrast and I was wondering if this was a defect. I just compared the 19BII screen with a 28s screen, which is of the same type. The 28s had much better contrast than the 19BII under the exact same lighting conditions. My 19BII has a black plastic case and was manufactured in Indonesia in 2000. Could it be that the quality of the display had been downgraded to reduce manufacturing costs? I would appreciate comments from other users especially those with both an older model 19BII and a newer model 19BII to confirm if there is a quality drop in the screen contrast.


yes i want to see wer can i get the a manual for the HP19BII calculator.


The older "made in the USA" models had much better contrast and a wider adjustment range too. It's hard to believe that HP accepted such inferior specifications.


I received a reply from my inquiry with HP that confirmed what I had suspected. The screens on the newer 19BIIs are not the same as the "older" ones, although I don't know when the switch was made.

For the 17BIIs, were the newer models changed to look similar to the HP 32sii, with the silver surface around the display in a black plastic case or do they look similar to the older models? Were there any visible differences in the quality of the display for the newer HP 17BIIs?


The latest production 17Bii's from Indonesia changed the colors on this model as well.

The originals were gold trim on brown with orange shifted key functions.

The newest are gold trim on black with yellow shifted functions.

The LCD remains the same, contrast is not a problem when properly adjusted for your viewing angle.


I can second your observation: I once had a Singapore-made HP19BII which had to be replaced due to a badly broken battery compartment. The replacement was manufactured in Indonesia and I, too, was under the impression that display was noticibly inferior to the one of its predecessor.

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