Out of warranty exchange of HP 32sii


I contacted HP Calculator Support in Canada last week to inquire about out of warranty replacement of HP 42s and HP 32sii. I wasn't surprised about no replacements available for the 42s but I was told due to the limited stocks available of the HP 32sii that no out of warranty exchange would be possible.

Does anyone know the situation in the United States with regard to out of warranty exchange? I thought that HP supports their products up to five years past the date that the product has been discontinued.


AFAIK, HP USA stopped shipping out of warranty replacement 32Sii's sometime in December 2002 or January 2003. I don't know if they have any in-warranty replacements remaining, since the 32Sii was officially discontinued in December of 2001. That would make everything out there now out of warranty.

I never saw the five year support promise in print anywhere, but many calculators (42S in particular) did continue with support for that period. But, that was while the Pioneers were still in production with the 17Bii and 20S. The replacement 42S's were built on the same line. Production of all Pioneer models in Indonesia ceased in 2001, hence the lack of replacements. One can hope they didn't destroy the tooling and fixtures.


There are still plenty of HP32sII's still in warranty many dealers had through spring, 2003, and I guess that's why the limited stock of replacements is being held by HP so these can be addressed. Only warranty terms legally apply so far as I know, though 5 year support seems customary. Seems like I have heard about sector specific requirements for support for major capital outlays for parts/service, etc.(automotive, e.g.) but don't have the details. Maybe one of our Lawer friends on here care to comment.
Regards, Frank


I believe an Hp calculator (the Hp32sii, etc) comes with a one year warrenty and Hp generally provides 5 years support. ie. for one year you will get a free replacement, after that you will have to pay for an exchange out to the 5 year support period. Hp keeps a limited number of calcs for this period.

That was how it worked with the Hp42s. What they charge for replacement determines how fast the stock is depleted. Most people will not pay retail list to exchange their calculator (until they find out that list is 1/2 the going rate), and just switch over to a twenty dollar calculator. That is unless they are a calculator nut or conisior.
Then you will pay (I suspect that is most of us here).


The problem is that the pioneer line(s) are now dead. The HP42 was made on the HP17B line.

So, for out of warranty exchanges HP would have to hold back 5 years worth of replacements at the end of the HP32Sii run.

As HP seem very share-holder focussed I'd be suprised if they do this, it's easier for them to please the share holders today rather than their 'loyal' customers tommorrow. (Yes I know that doesn't make sense - but I don't make the rules).



Or perhaps if *would* have been easier to please those stockholders had good things with the stock actually happened........;+}


you are absolutely right Tom, that is what I think too,


Correction, I meant dealers had through spring, 2002 meaning warranty till spring 2003!

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